Sr. Reyna Badillo professes first vows as Dubuque Franciscan

By Jessica Russo
Special to The Witness

DUBUQUE — Sister Reyna Helen Badillo professed her first vows as a Dubuque Franciscan Sister on Friday, June 22, at Mount St. Francis Center, Dubuque.

During the profession, Sister Reyna vowed in the presence of Sister Kate Katoski, OSF, president of the congregation; to the members of the congregation; and to God, that for the next two years she will, “live poverty, chastity and obedience according to the Rule and Con­stitutions of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Family.”

Sister Reyna first learned about the congregation in Mississippi where she met Dubuque Franciscan Sisters ministering in the state.

“I always wanted to serve the people of God,” said Sister Reyna. “When I saw the Dubuque Franciscan Sisters, I witnessed that they do what they say and how they treat everybody with dignity!”

Sister Reyna has spent time getting to know the congregation and completed a nine-month study program at the Common Franciscan Novitiate in St. Louis. This program focused on the history and charism of the Franciscan tradition and an understanding of vows and religious life.

After two years, Sister Reyna will discern further commitment.

“The future has a lot of challenges, the unknown is scary and exciting!” said Sister Reyna. “I’m asking myself, ‘where will I serve?’ ‘what will I do?’ ‘what is the best way to live the Gospel?’ But I have one certainty, and it is that God still will be with us.”

Sister Kate said the community is inspired by Sister Reyna’s faith and commitment. They have promised Sister Reyna their prayers, love and support as they journey with her.

“We are thankful for God’s call to courageous women like Sister Reyna to religious life!” added Sister Kate.


Sister Reyna Badillo receives a blessing from the Dubuque Franciscan community at her first vow profession on June 22 at Mount St. Francis Center in Dubuque. (Contributed photo)