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Archbishop announces start of major appeal

DUBUQUE — ArchdioceseOne was announced at Masses across the the Archdiocese of Dubuque Sept. 28-29. The special appeal aims to unify the entire local Catholic community, while also garnering financial support for four causes:  the priest retirement fund, education of seminarians, restoration of the buildings on the campus of the Cathedral of St. Raphael and Catholic Charities’ immigration legal services.

Archbishop Michael Jackels expounded on the origin and purpose of ArchdioceseOne in a letter sent to people in parishes and in a video posted on the campaign’s official website:

“A venture like this — it can’t begin without God’s inspiration and it can’t be carried out to a happy end without God’s help,” said Archbishop Jackels in the video message. “Towards that end, I invite you all to pray with me our official prayer for the special appeal ArchdioceseOne: ‘God come to our assistance. Lord, make haste to help us.'”

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More on ArchdioceseOne is in the Oct. 13 print edition of The Witness.