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Catholic Schools Week messages from the Archbishop and Superintendent

A Message from Archbishop Jackels

The Archdiocese of Dubuque is blessed to have strong and vibrant Catholic schools. They play a very important role in the ministry of the Church and partnering with parents in the faith formation of their children. Our schools nurture students’ minds and hearts so that they can go out into the world to spread the love of Jesus. As I visit our schools to celebrate Mass and participate in special events, I am struck with the enthusiasm of the students and their desire to want to grow in their faith. Particularly during the recent “Year of Mercy,” examples of service activities were bountiful in our schools. This daily witness to loving both God and neighbor is at the heart of why we so strongly support Catholic schools. During this Catholic Schools Week I want to personally thank all of the priests, parishioners, parents, teachers, and staff who work together to provide the opportunity for high quality Catholic education for our students.


Michael O. Jackels Archbishop of Dubuque


Message from the Superintendent

Catholic Schools Week is a time to celebrate all of the wonderful opportunities that are provided for students throughout our 52 Catholic schools. When families enter our schools they can’t help but be touched by the rich Catholic traditions and impressed with the academic excellence. The supportive environment of a Catholic school, which helps each child develop their gifts and talents, is second to none! The blessing of Catholic schools would not be possible without the deepest level of commitment from our pastors, parishion­ers, parents, staffs, and broader communities. For those of you who send your student(s) to one of our schools, thank you for entrusting us to partner with you in the faith formation and academic development of your child(ren). For those of you who support us with your time, treasure, and prayers, we are deeply indebted with gratitude for your passion for Catholic schools. For those of you who know someone who might benefit from our schools, please urge them to visit one of our sites and explore tuition assistance opportunities. In a world filled with challenges, Catholic schools offer daily religious instruction and modeling of the faith, which assists families to raise their children to serve God and one another. What a wonderful blessing to communities and investment in the future!

Kimberly A. Hermsen Superintendent of Schools