Faith Formation

2020 Newman graduate joins Catholic Church

Credits Kairos Retreat his junior year as his inspiration

MASON CITY — When Jack Lander attended the Kairos retreat his junior year at Newman Catholic High School in Mason City, it was life-changing. Jack credits his experience at this well-known school retreat as the “aha” moment that lead him to pursue a path to the “Rite of Passage, Christian initiation” that the Church has for the adults being baptized and confirmed in the Church. He says there were many other moments that lead him here along the way.

Lander said that, “Newman Catholic does a good job leading spiritually. Whether it’s the spiritual adventures like the Kairos Retreat or the other everyday things like theology, Mass, adoration, etc. This constant time to surround yourself spiritually. Being in an environment where that is available just makes it that much more special.”

The teachers at Newman say that are so proud of Lander and have enjoyed watching him grow spiritually.

“It’s a big part of our mission, seeing Jack take this on is a perfect example and it is great to see him walk down that path. We are extremely proud of him,” said Tony Adams, K-12 Administrator.

For more information on Kairos and other spiritual opportunities at Newman Catholic visit the website at or follow their Facebook Page @NewmanKnights.

Cover image: Jack Lander (right), a 2020 Newman Catholic graduate, is pictured with ­Father Josh Link, the associate pastor of Epiphany Parish in Mason City. (Contributed photo)