ColumnsNaming Grace

The Epiphany of the Lord: rise up in splendor


Parents, Grandparents, Godparents, Christians

Rise up in splendor

Your light has come

Christ dwells within you


Our children surrounded by darkness

Thick clouds of depression, confusion, low self-esteem

Blanketing their minds

Blocking Christ’s light


Rise up in splendor

Jesus through you

Piercing the darkness

Scattering the confusion

Lifting the fog


You are their star

Guiding your children to Jesus

Sharing love

Echoing faith

Revealing hope


You are their star

Praying with, and over, them

Reading Holy Scripture to them

Naming grace, God’s loving presence, in your homes

Reminding your beloved children

—over and over—

Christ lives within them.

They are to shine!


Bring your children

To the manger, in awe and wonder of the newborn Babe

To Church, to receive Him in the Eucharist

To the Chapel, to adore Him in the Blessed Sacrament

To the sanctuary of their hearts, to pay Him homage with their lives


Teach your children

To lay down pride, selfishness, self-glory

To bring forth gifts of the heart

To share treasures with the poor

To give talents to help others

To rise up


Lead your children

To seek only the Newborn King,

The Eternal Light

To refuse tinsel—fame, wealth, power

To live brightly, fully, abundantly,

Giving all glory to God!


Parents, Grandparents, Godparents, Christians

Rise up

Be Radiant

Shine like Stars

Rejoicing, Praising

Your Light has come


It is Jesus

The Newborn Babe


Mary, Mother of God,

Star of the New Evangelization

Pray for us


How will you live as a shining star this year?