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Manchester Nativity scenes inspire spontaneous prayer

MANCHESTER — The Knights of Columbus of the Manchester area made some new Nativity scenes to put up around the St. Mary Parish and School grounds.

The first-graders of St. Mary’s were able to help the janitor hold a scene as it was being installed on Nov. 26.

The experience must have left an impression on the young assistants.

The next day, Nov. 27, first-grade ­teacher Dawn Klostermann was on duty at recess. She looked over and saw a bunch of these same students and friends spontaneously kneeling and praying in front of another one of the Nativity scenes. She was able to capture the moment with her camera.

First-graders at St. Mary School in Manchester assist a member of the staff as he installs a Nativity scene on Nov. 26 (photo at left). Some of these same students and friends pray around another of the scenes (photo at top right). (Photos courtesy of Dawn Klostermann)