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Epworth artist creates bronze mural depicting Beckman High’s mission

DYERSVILLE — The next time you’re walking in the entryway to Beckman Cath­o­lic High School, make sure you look to your left and take time to admire the beauty of the newly installed bronze mural. Austin Glendenning from Epworth was commissioned to create this composition depicting the mission of Beckman Catholic, the faith and the idea of continuous growth.

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This final mural design was drawn out and collectively agreed on prior to sculpting in clay. Artist’s interpretation: the group of students shown in the foreground are guided onward by Christ, along what is observed to be the righteous path toward understanding. Beckman Catholic is showcased along their route of devotion that continues on, such as the student’s life continues beyond their years of schooling. Above, the clouds begin to clear from the sky as three doves are taking flight, symbolic of the Holy Trinity. The abundance of foliage that frames the composition assists a concept of growth and progression. This idealized scene is meant to signify that the path on which they traverse is sound, and in this way Beckman equips students with the tools necessary for a fulfilled future.

Glendenning currently lives in Epworth and has a custom design studio in Dubuque. Glendenning studied art and sculpture at the University of Wisconsin-­Platteville, the American University of Rome, and received a Master of Arts from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. “In my work, I’ve grown an affinity for observation and the power of natural aesthetics as a means of communication, where representing the human form has been at the core of my study and exploration.” When Glendenning is not in the studio, he teaches art courses at Northeast Iowa Community College.

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