Sunday AssemblyThe Fourth H

Week 38: Concluding Rite: Dismissal

By Archbishop Michael Jackels

Witness Publisher

At the end of Mass, the priest or deacon dismisses us, to which we respond: thanks be to God! This is not permission to leave, but a command to go, and with purpose.

Our celebration of Holy Mass is meant to transform us. In fact, the Second Vatican Council said that Mass is the primary and indispensable source from which we are to derive the true Christian spirit.

What is the true Christian spirit we derive from participation in Holy Mass?

It includes humility, derived for example from…

• Confessing I am a sinner, that I need forgiveness

• Admitting I don’t know it all, that I am a life-long learner from the Scripture and others

• Recognizing all is on loan from God, not owned by me, that I am to share with others

• Acknowledging I can’t do anything by myself, that I need God and other people

And it includes charity, derived for example from…

• Saying sorry and I forgive you

• Serving the needs of others

• Sacrificing personal benefit for the benefit of others

• Regardless of whether the other asks nicely, is deserving, is aware of my gift, is grateful

It is hoped that the transforming work of Mass will prepare us to be agents of transformation, making the world too different and better by bringing the light of Christ and the salt of the gospel into where we live, work, go to school, and live everyday life.