Candidates and catechumens will complete journey of faith in 2020

The following catechumens and candidates were prepared to become Catholic or enter into full communion with the church at this year’s Easter Vigil. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, they will now do so at a later date that had yet to be determined as of The Witness deadline.


St. Thomas Aquinas Parish

Indee Moss – Catechumen

Julien Roche – Catechumen

Sidney Eibes – Catechumen

Christen Yaw – Catechumen

Keegan Sassaman-Clark – Catechumen

Emily Branson – Catechumen

Hannah Hegwer – Catechumen

Luke Weston – Catechumen


St. Patrick Parish/North Linn Catholic Cluster

Brianna Meyer – Catechumen


Circle of Saints Cluster

Barb Slagle – Candidate


Holy Family Cluster

Luis Avila – Catechumen

Araceli Avila – Catechumen

Kevin Avila – Catechumen

Gerardo Romero – Catechumen

Daniela Rodriguez – Catechumen

Miguel Rodriguez – Catechumen

Alondra Bobadilla – Catechumen


Queen of Saints Cluster

Shelby Simpson – Catechumen

Jessica Rieck – Candidate


St. Aloysius Parish/Our Lady of Seven Dolors Parish/St. Francis de Sales Parish/St. Wenceslaus Parish

Ben Timp – Candidate

Jergen Testlow – Candidate


St. Thomas Aquinas Pastorate

Alex Schmelzer – Candidate

Pat Leitzen – Candidate

Morgan Casey – Candidate

Alex Loes – Candidate


St. Stephen the Witness Student Center

Madison Bebber – Catechumen

Thomas Plank – Catechumen

Maylee Lai – Candidate

Elias Etten – Candidate

Meredith Grossman – Candidate

Jared Lackore – Candidate

Kasper Haurum – Candidate


All Saints Parish

Kyla Dittmar – Catechumen

Heather Mangold – Candidate

Immaculate Conception Parish/St. Wenceslaus Parish

Raleigh Perkins – Catechumen

Alexsy Constant – Candidate

Peggy Harrell – Candidate

Mount Mercy University

Elaina Kinser – Catechumen

Cassidy Courey – Candidate

Elizabeth Dadzie – Candidate

Elizabeth Haugen – Candidate

St. Jude Parish

Christopher Burhite – Catechumen

Mamie Weaver – Catechumen

Raphael Selemani – Catechumen

Patience Mambo – Catechumen

Andre Hakizimana – Catechumen

Oreya Igiraneza – Catechumen

Mary Munezero – Catechumen

Honorine Niyubahwe – Catechumen

Nancy Mitchell – Candidate

Benjamin Rote – Candidate

Jamison Day – Candidate

Annette Goede – Candidate

St. Ludmila Parish

Gerry Mittan – Catechumen

Sylvia Peterson – Candidate

William Roberts – Candidate

Krista Ockenfels – Candidate

Tammy Woodard – Candidate

John Serbousek – Candidate

Gretchen Freilinger – Candidate

St. Matthew Parish

Kim Burhite – Catechumen

Mitch Burhite – Catechumen

Bre Burhite – Catechumen

Teresa Cendrowski – Catechumen

St. Pius X Parish

Michelle Dean – Candidate

Isaac Main – Candidate


Story/Marshall Cluster

Sarah Schneider – Candidate

Mackenzie Hopkins – Candidate


Notre Dame

McKayla Abarr – Catechumen


Blessed Trinity Cluster

Ashia Gerdemann – Catechumen

Allison Kubek – Catechumen

Laura Weber – Catechumen

Brittany Jaeger – Candidate


Cathedral of St. Raphael Parish/St. Patrick Parish

Wesley Roe – Candidate

Jonathan Boyes – Candidate

Regan Wolverton – Candidate

Church of the Resurrection

Aidan Eberhart – Catechumen

Elaina Hultman – Catechumen

Leona Hultman – Catechumen

Grant Misiag-Beckler – Catechumen

Scarlett Misiag-Beckler – Catechumen

Pierce Misiag-Beckler – Catechumen

Magnolia Misiag-Beckler – Catechumen

Amon Beckler -Candidate

Michael Hultman – Candidate

Clarke University

Cat Sears – Candidate

Loras College

Destani Rakowski – Catechumen

Gabrielle Noland – Catechumen

Cory Linder – Candidate

Brent Daigle – Candidate

St. Joseph the Worker Parish/St. Columbkille Parish

Josh Wernimont – Candidate

Shana Hackett – Candidate

Tim Klousia – Candidate

Kyra Johnson – Candidate

Agnieszka Cluchey – Candidate

Cole Cluchey – Candidate


Spires of Faith Cluster

Alyssa Russel – Catechumen

Shannon Russel – Catechumen

Sean McFadden – Candidate


Emmaus Pastorate

Alex Hawkins – Candidate

Kandi DeShaw – Candidate

Brittany Meyers – Candidate


Immaculate Conception Parish/St. Joseph Parish

Ashlyn Gray – Catechumen

Hannah Beck – Candidate

Jordan Carbiener – Candidate

Megan Gloede – Candidate

Joe Perry – Candidate


St. Luke Parish/Sacred Heart Parish

Katie Kraus – Candidate

Krystle DeShaw – Candidate

Nichole Supple – Candidate


St. Athanasius Parish/St. Francis Parish

Zachary Cibula – Catechumen

Laura Weber – Candidate

Angela Thomas – Candidate

Connie MacKey – Candidate


St. Joseph Parish

Madison Lanoue – Catechumen

Brooke Linn – Catechumen

Jayce Linn – Catechumen

Michael Pfeiffer – Catechumen

Aidan Pfeiffer – Catechumen

Katie Pfeiffer – Catechumen

Dayton Klostermann – Catechumen

Sadie Klostermann – Catechumen

Grace Richards – Catechumen

Kyler Hauser – Catechumen

Katelyn Hauser – Catechumen

Kevin Chada – Catechumen

Lauren Lutter – Catechumen

Cory Johnson – Catechumen

Abigail Johnson – Catechumen

Cheryl Hemphill – Candidate

Justin Linn – Candidate

Tyler Carlson – Candidate

Marissa Lechtenberg – Candidate

Anthony Frenz – Candidate


Epiphany Parish/Sacred Heart Parish

Rebecca Franks – Catechumen

Chloe Enright – Catechumen

Schyler Weiner – Candidate


Sacred Heart Parish

Lola Lasack – Candidate


Holy Family Parish

Matthew Dove – Candidate

Amber Schreck – Candidate

Jose Tamez – Candidate

David Hommel – Candidate


Heart of Mary Cluster

Morgan Ollinger – Candidate

Adam Schultz – Candidate

Darla Small – Candidate


Catholic Parishes of Waterloo Faith Formation

Mahunan Gueguezo – Catechumen

Pablo Romero-Mata – Catechumen


St. Patrick Parish/St. Mary Parish/St. Mary Parish

Roger Stovey – Catechumen

Beth Kerndt – Candidate

Christina Schultz – Candidate

Taylor Vickerman – Candidate

Todd Dietrich – Candidate

Koal Deering – Candidate

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