A Father’s Day tribute to superheroes!

One late Friday afternoon, 4-year-old Joe opened his bedroom door, ran through the hallway, careened down the stairs, and practically flew out the front door, repeating, “My daddy’s home! My daddy’s home!” For years, Joe kept a bag packed with a flashlight, books, underwear, socks and pajamas underneath his bed—just in case Daddy decided to take him camping. Joe, and his three brothers, loved the call of adventure in the wilderness, the nearest park or the backyard. But most evenings, you would find all four boys “camping” in their bedroom, listening intently to my husband, Mike, read and discuss stories of adventure, filled with heroes and villains: “The Hardy Boys,” “The Lord of the Rings,” “Encyclopedia Brown,” “The Chronicles of Narnia” and more. Undoubtedly, evening storytelling was the boys’ favorite time of the day and a most cherished part of their childhood.

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