A lot rides on our commitment to daily prayer

During my 5 a.m. walk today, when I turned the corner, the sky was just beginning to show daylight.  I was in awe and thanked God for another day to become the person he made me to be. In today’s world it is hard to find time to relax, much less pray. But, did you know you can pray anywhere — God doesn’t care where you are physically, he just wants you to pray to him, talk to him about how your day is going, and ask him for any help you may need. A friend, Kathleen, once told me that God is willing to help, but sometimes he just wants to be asked. Kathleen had arthritis in her hands and had a hard time using her key to open her mailbox.  But she never gave up; she would ask God to help, and she was able to get the key into the slot and open her mailbox. She was a true believer in what God can/will accomplish if we just ask.

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