Week 36: Communion Rite: Holy Communion

By Archbishop Michael Jackels

Witness Publisher

We believe that the Eucharist is the real presence of the Body and Blood of Christ. This is not meant as actual flesh and blood; we are not inviting cannibalism.

The action of receiving Communion is like saying: “I need Jesus as much as I need food and drink. I take Jesus into my life. I want Jesus to be a part of my life. I want to be transformed into the likeness of Christ. I want to think, speak, and act like Jesus.”

The prayers of Mass teach us that the Eucharist brings us spiritual healing and strengthens our charity. It is also a pledge to us of eternal life in heaven, the perfect communion with God, where we are one with God as are breath and air, rain and ocean.

It is the responsibility of each individual participant at Holy Mass, and not the Eucharistic Minister, to determine his or her worthiness to receive Holy Communion, and so step into that line or not.

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