Archive Tutorial

For The Best Experience With This Site

To access the digital archives, recommended browsers include Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

If you experience any difficulty accessing content of the site using one of the recommended browsers, you may need to update the browser or attempt to use a different browser.


Once at the home screen, you will find several ways to navigate the digital archives. The left-hand menu allows you to browse by Title or Year, as well as refine your search by one or both of these categories.

Browse By Year – Browse By Year allows you to select the year you would like to view or search by. The number next to the year indicates the total number of pages available to view.

Once you’ve selected Browse By Year, you have the option to continue to refine your search down to the Month or Day. Refine By Year > Refine By Month > Refine By Day.


No time to browse? If you know what you are looking for, you can simply type your search term(s) in one of the two search bars featured on the home screen. The search bar above the left-hand navigation allows you to enter a keyword and refine your search between years (Start Year) and (End Year).

The larger search bar in the middle of the home screen includes an Advanced Search option.


The easiest way to search is to simply type your search term(s) or a keyword in one of the search bars. There are also several ways to improve a search and provide more effective results.


To search a specific phrase, enclose your search terms in quotation marks to return a search with an exact match.

For example, searching for “Lincoln gives speech” would search only for pages containing those words in that order, and not pages containing those words in a different order, such as: “…gives a speech. Lincoln is a great…”

This is one way to search for a person or obituary. For example, searching for “John Smith” will locate pages containing the words John and Smith together.

You can use the all-capital term OR to obtain results containing at least one of your search terms.

Abraham or Lincoln will locate any page containing either Abraham or Lincoln.

You can also use a combination of the keyword search and the browse feature to refine your navigation even further.

Advanced Search – The Advanced Search feature allows you to narrow down search results with a number of different filters.

This exact word or phrase: Narrow search by finding pages containing the whole phrase in order.

All these words: Narrow search by finding pages containing all of the words searched.

Any of these words: Narrow search by finding pages containing one or more of the words searched.

None of these words: Narrow search by finding pages containing word(s) searched but do not contain the word in this field.

You can also narrow search results by filters including Country, State, City, Title and Date Range.


Once you are viewing a newspaper, you will find a toolbar at the bottom of the page.

Zoom – The zoom function allows you to reduce or enlarge the display of the publication.


GoTo Arrows – The GoTo Arrows lets you browse through the publication from page to page until you reach the last result.\


Search Result Arrows – The search result arrows allow you to browse more quickly by loading the next 4 pages.


Hand Icon – The hand icon allows you to click and anchor to the page for smooth scrolling.


Magnifying Glass Icon – The magnifying glass icon allows you to search for a word and highlight all occurrences of this word on the page.



Full Screen Icon – The full screen icon opens the page in a new full screen window.


Crop – The crop feature allows you to modify and capture a portion of the page to save or print. The crop icon opens a small yellow box on the page that can be positioned and adjusted to capture an exact area. The crop icon on the toolbar will change to a disc once the yellow box is set. Click on the disc to preview the clip and print or save.


Download Page – Download the entire page to a pdf document on your computer.


Other Helpful Hints

If you are starting a new search and receiving “No Results” when results are expected, please make sure to clear any previous refinements.

To search by date:

Option 1: On the left-hand navigation, click on the year you want to view. Then click on the month (if applicable). Then click on the day (if applicable).

Option 2: Type in your search term(s) on the home/main page. When the list of search results appears, on the left-hand navigation, click on the year, month, and day for which you want to see search results.

To search by date range:

On the left-hand navigation, select a Start Year and End Year for your search under Between Years.

To flip through newspaper pages within an issue:

Click on the year you want to view. Then click on the month, then the day, if applicable.

Click on the first search result that is shown.

Then use the Goto arrows in the toolbar to flip through the pages of the issue.